Four Ways to Launch Services Manager on Windows 11

On a Windows PC, there are many applications running in the background. Some of these applications run because they are configured to run automatically at the startup. But there are some other special programs that are set to run as services in the background. When a process is being run as a system service, it gets special privileges and it does not appear in the auto-starting applications list.

We can manage and control services running on a Windows 11 PC using the in-built services manager also known as the services management and controller app. There are four quick and easy ways to launch services manager on Windows 11 :

1. Using the Run dialog

This is the easiest method of launching the services manager. In this method, you have to first launch the Run dialog by pressing Win+R hotkey. You can also click on the Start and then on Run for the same effect. In the Run dialog, you can type services.msc and then press Enter. It will launch the services manager app.

Launch Service Manager on Windows 11

2. Using the terminal

Windows 11 has a new feature called Terminal which can be said to be an upgrade of the older command prompt. We can use terminal to launch services manager. For this, we have to first right-click anywhere on the desktop screen and select Open in Windows Terminal from the context-menu.

Launch Service Manager on Windows 11

In the terminal window, we just have to give the command services.msc and it will do the rest. After the services manager is launched, you can close the terminal window because it is no longer needed.

Launch Service Manager on Windows 11

3. Using the Task Manager

Task Manager on Windows 11 includes a special “Services” tab that displays all the running services and their brief details. We can first launch the Task Manager by using the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Esc and then switch to this Services tab in the Task Manager window. In order to launch the services manager, you have to click on Open Services.

Launch Service Manager on Windows 11

4. Using the Power Menu (WinX menu)

Services manager is part of all the computer management tools and therefore we can access it from the computer management console easily. For this method, we have to first launch the Computer Management console by pressing the hotkey Win+X and selecting Computer Management from there.

Launch Service Manager on Windows 11

Once we have launched the computer management console, we can select Services and Applications and then Services from the left hand side. This will launch Windows Services Manager for you.

Launch Service Manager on Windows 11

There are only a few quick ways to access the services manager on Windows 11. Basically, you can launch the services manager from any application that allows you to run services.msc on your Windows 11 PC. For example, you can run it from command prompt (cmd.exe), PowerShell or from the Task Manager.