One Commander : Modern File Manager for Windows

Windows 11 comes with a basic file manager called File Explorer. It has all the basic features and is certainly better than what it was in the earlier versions of Windows. But if you are looking for a great looking file manager for Windows then you should take a look at One Commander. It comes with themes, icon packs and a lot more.

The very first thing you will notice when launching One Commander is that it allows you to change the themes. In fact when you run it for the first time, it asks you to choose a theme and a layout. It comes with a number of pre-installed themes – dark theme, light theme and many alternatives. It comes with folder and file icon packs which we have to choose at the first launch. We can change the themes and icon packs at a later time too.

One Commander

If you are coming from Apple Mac, then it suggests using the Columns layout as it is very similar to Mac Finder. If yo are a Windows PC user, then it suggests the Standard layout as it is not very different from the layout provided by the Windows File Explorer.

One Commander

The standard layout for One Commander provides us with a dual-pane user interface. The dual pane file manager makes it easy to perform file operations such as copying or moving files from one folder to another. It is also a tabbed file manager which allows us to open multiple tabs – each tab opening a different folder of its own. This way we can avoid  going back and forth a folder to work on it as that folder stays open in a new tab in One Commander.

One Commander

One Commander is completely free for personal home use but the commercial use requires that you buy a license first. The ease of operation, the number of features and the price makes it a great replacement for the Windows File Explorer.

You can download One Commander from