Find All Apps or Sites Having Access to Your Apple ID

When you want to create a new account on a website or on an app on your mobile phone, you are asked all sorts of information. There are quicker options too such as sign-in using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google account, Microsoft account or Apple account.

When you choose to sign-in using your Apple ID, the app or website fetches some of your information from your Apple ID, for example, your first name, last name and your age. Apple does not expire the sign-ins using your Apple ID. This means that if you signed in using your Apple ID on a website a few months ago, it is still active and you or anyone else can just open that website in the browser to access your account for that website.

Here is how we can find out all the apps and websites that are using your Apple ID for signing in:

  1. In your web browser (we recommend Chrome browser), visit and login to your Apple account.
  2. From your account overview dashboard, select Sign-in and Security and then Sign in with Apple.Sign in with Apple
  3. You will see a list of apps and websites where you have been signing-in using your Apple ID. Click on the app from the list that you want to manage.Sign in with Apple
  4. If you do not want that app or website to have access to your Apple ID anymore then you can click on the button labeled Stop using Sign in with Apple.Sign in with Apple

You can repeat the process for all the apps and websites that have been using your Apple ID for signing in. Basically, you should remove those apps that you haven’t used in a long time. If you want to reestablish the login connection, then you can use that app or visit that website and choose to Sign-in using Apple from the list of available options.