Privacy Reviver : Protects Privacy and Improves Security

When we use our Windows PC on daily basis, there is bound to have some user history and traces left behind on that computer. These traces can be analyzed by anyone using a number of easily available software and can reveal everything about your online activities. If you want to protect your online privacy and improve the overall security of your Windows PC, then you have to take some extra steps. For example, we can regularly clean the browsing history from our web browsers and ensure that we do not store any personal documents on the same hard drive on which Windows is installed.

While it is absolutely possible to keep cleaning web browser history manually, it is much better to use a specialized software for taking care of your privacy on Windows. For example, we can use Privacy Reviver which is able to  protect your privacy, remove traces of your online activity, and secures your data. In addition, it can also scan and identify any personal information and activities that may be vulnerable to attacks by scammers and hackers.

Privacy Reviver

Once installed it goes to work right away. It scans your system for login credentials which could be stored in various web browsers in unencrypted format. Anybody can steal these and login to your online accounts. Then it searched for your personal information stored on your PC such as credit cards, debit cards, your home address, your phone number, your friends mobile numbers etc.

It scans for any files on your PC that might contain your personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, drivers license, work place identity cards etc. These could be present on your PC in form of image files or PDF documents and you might have forgotten about them. It can also find the browsing history and usage pattern. This information is usually stored in the web browsers and can be easily removed by the user.

Privacy Reviver is able to find any private or personal information or files on your computer. This way it enhances your system privacy and keeps a tab on the security violations.

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