LibreWolf : Fast Web Browser with Focus on Privacy

A few years ago, we saw a new web browser Vivaldi coming out as a result of a fork from the popular Chromium browser. Whatever the reasons were responsible for the fork at the time, but Vivaldi has definitely become a really good web browser for various platforms. And now we have another fork of a popular web browser – LibreWolf which is based on the original Mozilla Firefox source code. What LibreWolf brings on the table is a large number of improvements in the area of privacy.

LibreWolf is an independent web browser based on the Firefox engine. It focuses on the user privacy, security and total freedom when using and browsing websites. It has been designed to limit the collection of data by the user as much as possible. It is also very transparent web browser and you can see how it is working as it is also an open-source web browser.


It is an independent build of Firefox browser and uses its own settings, profile folder and installation path. This ensures that you can start using LibreWolf on the same PC on which Firefox has been previously installed. It won’t interfere in the working of the Firefox browser in any way. However, you can import the various settings from your Firefox profile over to LibreWolf easily.

LibreWolf has all the changes made to it in order to keep it privacy centered.It does not have any adware or other elements that are responsible for user data collection such as telemetry. It comes with an extension pre-installed to prevent common trackers. It also uses a less commonly used search engine so that your searches are not tracked or saved by the search engine.

LibreWolf is available in both portable and the installer format. When installing it on Windows, it requires the latest Microsoft Visual C ++ runtime libraries to be installed. You can download Visual C++ runtime libraries from and run the installer before installing LibreWolf.

You can download LibreWolf from