Quickly Record Audio with Vovsoft Sound Recorder

There are many times, when we want to record the sound through our microphone connected to our Windows PC. For example, when I bought a brand new microphone and wanted check how good it is, I recorded my own voice, saved the recording as an audio file and then played it back. For these simple audio recording tasks, we do not need very large sound recording applications that come with a number of options and effects. For quick and simple audio recording, we can use a small and simple application like Vovsoft Sound Recorder. It is a small tool to record sounds on your Windows computer and save them as PCM WAV audio files.

Vovsoft Sound Recorder has been designed to very very simple and minimal. It even has a tiny window with two options for recording from the connected microphone and for recording from the sound playing on your PC. Before recording the sound, we have to adjust the master volume so that the recording is loud enough volume level. There is also an option to Remove Silence which halts recording when there is no sound is being detected.

Vovsoft Sound Recorder

After setting the master volume level, we can click on the Start button displayed next to recording sections of microphone or loopback system sound. Similarly, when we want to stop recording the sound, we can click on the respective Stop buttons. As soon as we click on the Stop button, it gives you option to save the recording as WAV file somewhere on your computer.

The software can be useful if you are looking for a quick way to capture the sound from the microphone or from the music played from the computer (even if you do not have speakers connected). Since it saves he recording as WAV file, the recording can take too much space on your computer. You can later use a software like Audacity to edit and save the recording into MP3 file.

You can download Vovsoft Sound Recorder from https://vovsoft.com/software/sound-recorder/.