Ezvid : Record & Edit Videos from Desktop Screen

Ezvid is a one stop solution for all the vloggers and youtubers who need a smart application for recording and editing videos for their Youtube channel. It is able to record videos straight from your desktop screen on Windows and save them in the WMV format. If you have configured your Youtube account credentials with Ezvid, then it can upload the videos to your Youtube channel too after they are saved to your local drive.

Ezvid comes with a small installer for Windows and it further downloads more than 150 MB data from the internet during the installation. After the installation, it can be launched from its desktop shortcut. It packs all the same features as some other commercial video editors such as Movavi or Filmora.


It has a timeline based user interface. We can drop various items on the timeline such as video clips, audio recordings, record screen, text-to-speech synthesis, or game screen recordings. You can also add some effects using the respective video clips. The timeline offers a very easy way to add the content in the proper order and edit as the user likes. We can add audio and video files of any format as it is being powered by FFmpeg in the background.

Ezvid is very lightweight and fast because it uses speed optimized C++ libraries. When using it on a basic intel Core i3 computer with just 4 GB  RAM, we found no lag when recording the full-screen. The recording is also very high-quality and we can see everything clearly in the final video which is saved as WMV file format.

Ezvid is a great video editor and really fast screen recorder for Windows. It is very useful when making tutorials and how-to videos for students and for your viewers on your Youtube channel.

You can download Ezvid from https://www.ezvid.com/ezvid_for_windows.