Remove Password from PDF with Free PDF Password Remover

Adobe Acrobat allows you to create PDF files but it also allows you to protect them with a regular password. This password is set for privacy reasons so that only a person who knows this password can view the PDF password-protected document. In addition, we can set other restrictions using a password such as limiting the printing, changing the document, content copying, document assembly, page extraction, commenting, form field filling, signing, creation of template pages, etc. Each of these features can be allowed or disallowed in a password protected PDF file.

But what if you password protected a PDF document many years ago and now no longer need the protection? In that case, we can remove the password as well as other restrictions from the PDF document easily using the Free PDF Password Remover. This tool does not remove the PDF if you have forgotten the original password. This tool can create a copy of PDF document with all the password and the security limitations removed only and only if you have the original password.

Free PDF Password Remover

In the user interface of Free PDF Password Remover, we have to select the password protected PDF file, choose a destination PDF file (which becomes the password stripped copy of the original PDF file) and supply the PDF password that was used to protect the original PDF file. After this, we can click on the Remove Password button. It will save a copy of the PDF with limitations, security and password removed. You can access the new PDF file from the destination folder. This new PDF file works on all platforms and can be opened using any PDF viewer application.

Free PDF Password Remover integrated itself into the Windows File Explorer. We can right-click on any password protected PDF file and choose to Remove PDF Password from the context-menu. This will open the same window as shown above with the source PDF file pre-filled.

Free PDF Password Remover can be helpful if you have tons of password protected PDF documents and you want to make their password free copies. However, it cannot remove the protection if you do not know the original password.

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