Burner Mail : Random Email Addresses for Firefox

One of the most beautiful and useful features of having an Apple account is that you can login using your Apple account without revealing your Apple email address (the email address associated with your Apple account). When you login to a website or service using your Apple account, it shares a random email address created on the spot. The web app that you are signing into using your Apple account will never find out your real email address. If a message is sent to that random email address, it is redirected to your actual email address by Apple.

Much like in the same manner, now Firefox users can have random temporary email addresses that are redirected to your main email address (which stays hidden) using a free add-on called Burner Mail. Using the Burner Mail, we can create as many as five random email addresses and use them on any application for registering or creating new accounts. This way your actual email address is never revealed to anyone.

Burner Mail

After the installation of the Burner Mail extension in your Firefox web browser, you are required to enter your real email address and a password. The email address can be from any provider and the password is for checking your inbox over Burner Mail.

Once the initial setup steps have been taken, you can generate new random email addresses from the Burner Mail management console. You can also right-click in any email address text field on a website and choose to “Generate a Burner Mail for this email address field”.

Burner Mail

All of these email addresses (Burner Mails) can be checked, managed or removed from the Burner Mail dashboard. From this dashboard, you can enable or disable any of the email addresses, check the inbox and change the domain names for creating email addresses. In the free version there is limitation of only 5 random email addresses and the email domain is fixed.

You can get Burner Mail add-on for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/burner-emails/.