Rons CSV Editor : Create & Edit Structured Data Text Files

Data is not always stored in database files through servers such as MySQL server. Sometimes we can store the data in plain text files. For storing data in plain text files we make use of many structured data text file formats such as CSV, TSV and PSV.

CSV (comma separated values) is a very well known format and is supported by almost all the Office Suites. TSV (tab separated values) is similar to CSV only the columns are separated by tabs instead of commas. And then there is PSV (pipe separated values) which is not so common as CSV. Many of the PSV files are created from the output of the SQL queries as they contain the pipe character (|).

Using the free Rons CSV Editor, we can edit any of these structured plain-text files easily. This software can be used to create, edit and view them. It can also export these files into Microsoft Office Excel and HTML files. It is available both as a portable application and as an installer application. For running Rons CSV Editor, we must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 installed on Windows PC.

Rons CSV Editor

As we launch Rons CSV Editor, it shows us options to open an existing file, import a file, create a new empty file, create a new file using the data from the clipboard, and create a new document with randomly generated data. When we create a new empty document, we get to choose the number of rows and columns in the new file. In the editor, we can add or edit the data easily using just the keyboard.

Rons CSV Editor is available in two versions – Lite and Pro. The Lite version is free but has some limitations while the paid Pro version has no such limitations. In the free Lite version, we can add only a maximum of 1000 rows. There are some other limitations too related to various functions for adding, replacing, removing and manipulating the text data.

You can download Rons CSV Editor from