Becky! Internet Mail : Free Email Client for Windows

There was a time when Outlook Express was the most popular email client for the Windows computers. Its monopoly was challenged by Mozilla when they introduced Mozilla Thunderbird in 2003. And now we have many email client software available for various platforms. For example, Becky! Internet Mail is a really fast email client for Windows PC.

Becky! Internet Mail is known for the classic user interface and easy-of-use. As far as the features of this email client is concerned, it can compete with the best of the email clients. It allows you to handle multiple user accounts and we can add email accounts of all types over a number of protocols. It also has great options for personalizing settings. In addition, the program is equipped with an organizer, this module allows you to efficiently manage working time, it is also possible to set a reminder about important events or activities. The reminder can be used to send email messages at a given time.

Becky! Internet Mail

Becky! Internet Mail has support for all the popular email service providers like Gmail, AOL, Outlook etc. When adding a new email account in Becky! Internet Mail, we have to just enter the email address and it will figure out the email account configuration. For other email accounts, you must provide the SMTP and POP3 or IMAP4 server, e-mail address and password.

We can write and send HTML based email messages in Becky! Internet Mail. These HTML based email messages are rich in content and allows for better formatting of the text. We can also includes various things such as images or links in the email messages. For this, Becky! Internet Mail uses Microsoft Internet Explorer which is present in all the versions of Windows.

Becky! Internet Mail supports a portable mode so that you can carry this email client on your portable pendrive anywhere you go. Everything is contained on the pendrive and no footprint is left on the working computer.

You can download Becky! Internet Mail from