PolicyPlus : Group Policy Editor Alternative for Windows

Windows 11 comes in many editions such as Windows Home, Windows Professional, Windows Education, Windows Enterprise etc. If you are using Windows 11 Home edition then you will find that some tools in it are missing which are otherwise available on other editions such as Windows 11 Professional. For example, Group Policy Editor is not available on a Windows 11 Home PC.

The group policy editor is an administrator tool that helps enable or disable policies for the local user or the system itself. For example, we can toggle on or off Windows Defender related options using the Group Policy Editor on Windows Pro.

If you want to use Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home, then you can use a third-party free alternative called PolicyPlus. This program is portable and works on all editions of Windows. The program can be used on Windows 8.1 and newer.


After launching PolicyPlus, we are informed that we also have to download ADMX files from the internet. These ADMX files contain all the information about various policies on your version and edition of Windows. You should download these files before using PolicyPlus as these new ADMX files may contain new and updated policies too.


The PolicyPlus user interface looks exactly like that of the Microsoft Group Policy Editor. Various categories are displayed on the left side of the windows. If you select a category, all the policies settings under that category are displayed on the right. We can select any of the policies to see more options about them as well as detailed information regarding that selected policy.

The beginner level users must not use Group Policy Editor or PolicyPlus. The reason is that smallest of the glitch at the working time could render your PC useless. This tool is intended for the advanced user or the system admins.

You can download PolicyPlus from https://github.com/Fleex255/PolicyPlus.