Choose Color Schemes for Websites in Mozilla Firefox

In the new version 100 of Firefox, I noticed a relatively new feature using which we can control how some of the websites are going to appear. This preferences does not apply to all of the websites and only a few of newer modern sites are going to use this feature.

If you are using a dark theme in the Firefox browser, then this user preference is honored by some sites and they also present a dark theme version of the website for you. Similarly, if you have set a light theme in the Firefox, then you might see some websites display in their light color schemes.

This is a very good feature as it honors the user’s preferences of colors and lights. Imagine you have set Firefox to  use dark theme because it looks too bright at night time and you visit a website that is bright itself. This situation is totally undesirable and this is why the new Firefox feature is going to be liked very much.

If you want to change which of the color schemes should be used by the websites that you visit, then you can follow these easy  steps:

  1. Make sure that you have already upgraded to Firefox 100. If not, then you can download version 100 of Firefox from
  2. In the browser address bar type about:preferences and press Enter.
  3. In the Firefox settings, select the General category if not already selected. Scroll down until you reach the Language and Appearance section.Firefox Website Appearance
  4. Under the Website appearance setting, we can choose one of the color themes that some websites might adapt – Firefox theme, system theme, light or dark.

As previously mentioned, merely picking one of these options is not a guarantee that some of the websites are going to use these color schemes. It depends entirely on those sites to honor your preferences based on how they are coded.