How to View Firefox 100 Welcome Screen Again

Mozilla Firefox version 100, the century version, has finally arrived. Mozilla is going to officially launch it on May 3rd, 2022. But we can download it from their FTP repository already along with all the older versions of the Firefox browser that were ever released.

After upgrading your Firefox to the latest version 100, when you launch Firefox for the first time, you see a cool looking welcome screen. But this screen appears only one time and for a few seconds. By the time you call your coworkers to see the cool welcome screen, it might already disappear. But there are two methods using which you can view the Firefox welcome screen for the version 100 (or any other version).

Method 1.

  1. First of all you have to download Firefox 100 from Installation files for Windows 64-bit are inside the win64 folder, for Windows 32-bit are inside the win32 folder and so on. After installing Firefox 100, you can launch it from its usual shortcut.
  2. In the Firefox address bar, enter about:welcome to view the welcome screen for Firefox 100.
  3. This welcome screen may not look exactly the same as what you see when Firefox is upgraded but this is very similar and conveys the same message.Firefox Version 100

Method 2.

  1. After upgrading to Firefox version 100, close all the running instances of firefox.exe on your Windows PC. For this, you can open a command prompt window (cmd.exe) or Terminal and give the command
    taskkill /f /im firefox.exe
  2. Once you have managed to close all the Firefox windows, you can give the following command to create a new profile folder and make Firefox use this new profile:
    firefox -profile "TRISHTECH"

    This will create a new Firefox profile named TRISHTECH and launch Firefox using it. And you can see the Firefox welcome screen once again because the new profile is fresh.Firefox Version 100

  3. When you are done having fun, you can delete this newly create Firefox profile using the Firefox profile manager which can be accessed using the command:
    firefox -p

So this is how easy it is to view the welcome screen for Mozilla Firefox anytime you want. There are some methods that involve changing the Firefox advanced settings but that is risky and should not be used.