Epic Games Store Giveaway : Fast Racing Game “Redout”

When it comes to the racing games, the first thing  that comes to mind is the NFS (Need for Speed) franchise. Need for Speed has been around for many decades and is still very popular among the PC gamers of all generations. But if you want to experience a racing game with very high speeds, then you should consider Redout. If you love playing racing games on your PC, then you simply cannot do without this new racing game.

The word “Redout” refers to the red shift in the wavelength of the light coming from an object that is going away from the observer. Larger the shift, the faster the light-source is moving away. This is just an indicator of what this game is all about.

In the traditional racing games, you can see the speed of the vehicle that you are driving on the PC screen. But in Redout you are going so fast that you cannot see these things. The buildings, trees and the road itself all turns into a big blur. With the help of feedback controller, you can experience the vibrations, the collisions, the sound and more. You have to experience the game yourself and feel what happens when you are driving way too fast.

Redout Enhanced Edition

While playing the game, we hear an energizing soundtrack that dynamically adapts to our behavior in the game. For example, if you are driving slow, then the music also becomes slow. But when you are driving fast, it automatically plays heart pumping music.

You can claim your free copy of Redout by searching for it on your Epic Games store client installed on your PC and clicking on the “Get” button. You can also do the same by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/redout-enhanced-edition in your web browser, logging in to your Epic Games store account and then clicking on the “Get” button for the Redout game.