Dana Text Editor : Syntax-Highlighting Editor for Windows

Having a good text editor is very important for a regular Windows PC user. With a fast and lightweight text editor we can open and read text files faster. Moreover, we can use such a fast editor to quickly edit some of the configuration files or batch scripts.

While there are hundreds of text editors available for Windows PC, Dana Text Editor leaves its own unique impression. It is a syntax highlighting code editor for Windows that supports C/C++, PHP, HTML and more. It supports macros recording and playback so that you can save your time when doing redundant repetitive tasks.

Dana Text Editor comes as a portable application which can be launched without having to install anything. The same application runs on all the versions of Windows starting from Windows 95 to Windows 11. Perhaps you may have to install Microsoft runtime libraries on the older version of Windows. But we tested it on Windows 11, and it ran without any problems.

Dana Text Editor

It has a user interface that facilitates opening of multiple documents at the same time. We can open as many as 100 files in this text editor without slowing it down. It also offers unlimited undo moves when editing text files. We can bookmark a line in a text file and use it to quickly jump to that line in the open text file. This is definitely going to save our time.

Dana Text Editor has full macro capabilities. It makes use of a special macro language called Dana Script which is similar to BASIC. If you have worked with VBScript ever in your life, then you will find learning Dana Script very easy. It can be used to repeat many tasks a number of times.

Dana Text Editor is designed to be very fast and lightweight. It uses very few of your computer’s RAM while working  without any glitches.

You can download Dana Text Editor from https://www.rimarts.co.jp/dana.htm.