Generic Log Viewer : View GPU-Z Log Data in Graphical Way

GPU-Z, a very popular portable hardware information tool, is able to generate logs from the data collected by monitoring various hardware sensors. It can write a log file based on the sensor values such as GPU temperature, GPU load, CPU temperature, CPU load, memory load and more. But this log file is just a long list of values and local time which makes it a bit hard to follow.

With the help of another portable tool called Generic Log Viewer we can read the data from the GPU-Z log file and it can present the data in a graphical manner. Other than the GPU-Z logs, it can also process log files from other hardware information, analysis and diagnosis tools such as MSI Afterburner, AIDA64, HWINFO or GPU-Z.

Generic Log Viewer

We have to launch Generic Log Viewer and then open the log file fro the local computer. It will present the data from the log file in graphical charts. We can view data from one or more sensors on the same chart. In addition to the classic progression charts, bar charts are available for statistical analysis. It uses a different color to display different sensor data. We can change the colors used for plotting the respective color values.

The user interface of Generic Log Viewer has many options. We can choose to have multiple charts in the same window. Each of the charts can plot the graph from multiple values. And we can make it load more than one log file in the same chart which is useful when comparing two or more log files.

It has a screenshot button using which you can capture the charts and save them to your computer or share it with your social network followers or with the computer technicians who want to take a look at your PC charts.

You can download Generic Log Viewer from