Battery Notifier : View Battery Status on Windows

There was a time when serious gamers preferred desktop computers because they delivered more power and performance than laptops. But now gaming laptops are as powerful as any desktop computer in any manner. This is why more and more people are buying laptops today.

All laptops come with a Lithium-ion battery which is used to run the laptop when no direct AC outlet is available. Because the laptop battery might run out in the middle of working on something important, we must keep an eye on the laptop battery as much as we can. For keeping a track of battery status in our Windows laptops, we can use an open-source application called Battery Notifier.

Battery Notifier is a small Windows application that monitors your laptop battery and displays an alert when you have to take an action. When the battery charge drops below 25% of the total capacity, then it shows you alert and this is when you have to connect your laptop with the battery charger cable. The application also shows alert when your battery has charged up to 96% of the total capacity.

Battery Notifier

In the settings of Battery Notifier, we can change the percentage value at which these alerts are displayed for full battery and for the low battery. We can also pick a sound file that would be played back when such an alert is displayed on the screen. We can make it display the alert in form of system tray notifications or in form of regular windows. We can also enable the dark mode for the Battery Notifier.

Battery Notifier

For making your laptop battery last longer, you should charge it only up to 85% of the total capacity. This is an old trick of making Lithium-ion batteries last for years. Similarly, you should not wait for the battery to be drained completely and start charging the battery as soon as the battery charge drops to 15% of the total capacity.

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