How to Make Firefox Auto-Delete Cookies at Close

Firefox is a web browser that is popular with users who value their privacy and security. It packs many features that protect users’ privacy. In the latest version of the Firefox, there is a feature using which we can make Firefox automatically delete all the cookies and the site data as soon as we close the Firefox window. This will automatically remove all the cookies and the site data that was stored during that session. This feature protects the user privacy as none of the session data will be stored for use with the next session because everything is deleted by Firefox at exit.

In order to enable this setting in Firefox, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Firefox browser and open its settings. For opening its settings, we can simply enter about:preferences in the address bar. Alternatively, you can also click on the menu icon in the Firefox window and select Settings from the Firefox menu.
  2. In the settings, select the Privacy & Security section.
  3. Scroll down to find the section Cookies and site data and then select the checkbox labeled Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed.Delete Cookies and Site Data at Firefox Close
  4. This is it, now Firefox will delete all the cookies and site data that was stored during the the active session as soon as you close all the open Firefox windows.

If you do not want to delete the cookies or site data for a particular domain, then you can click on the Manage Exceptions button. Here you can specify which of the websites are to be always allowed or always blocked to use the cookies and the site data.

Delete Cookies and Site Data at Firefox Close

Basically, you have to enter the domain name and then click on the Allow or Block buttons. The domain names that are being allowed or blocked always are shown in a list from where you can manage them.