PlayerFab : Advanced Multimedia Player for Windows

Even though Microsoft Windows comes with a audio and video player built inside, some people prefer third party media players because they want more features and better performance. For example, many people choose to install VideoLAN VLC media player on their Windows computers because of its ability to play all video file formats without requiring any external codecs.

Similarly, there is another third party multimedia player called PlayerFab which is able to play everything from audio files, video files, video folders, discs of all kinds and online streams. It is an advanced multimedia player characterized by comprehensive and rich functionality.

With the help of PlayerFab we can play local video files, discs of all kinds such as DVD/Blu-ray discs and movies from many of the online streaming services such as Peacock or Crackle. By installing PlayerFab, you can turn your Windows computer into a multimedia station that can play music, movies and more.


Since PlayerFab incorporates everything in one place, users do not have to bother searching for the movies they want on different streaming platforms. As far as the quality of the playback is concerned, PlayerFab is able to play videos in FHD 1080p quality with EAC sound, as well as 4K Ultra HD with HDR effect. Moreover, PlayerFab allows users to select different picture and sound qualities according to their own requirements.

When watching movies or TV series from supported online streaming platforms, we can automatically skip the introduction or recap portions that are displayed before each of the episodes. These recaps are useful only when you haven’t watched that TV series for a long time. Similarly, we can slow down the playback speed of movies when we want to see what happened during a scene clearly. PlayerFab supports multiple speeds – both faster and slower, for your watching pleasure.

You can download PlayerFab from