Opal : Relaxing Music Player for Windows

Have you ever wondered why we fall asleep so easily when it is raining outside. The pitter-patter of the raindrops make a naturally relaxing sound for us and it helps us get better and deeper sleep. Of course, you cannot wait for the rain to come down everyday unless you live in the Philippines. So why not bring the sounds of rain to yourself? With the help of a smart and free app called Opal, we can bring the sounds of rain and many other relaxing natural sounds to your Windows or Linux PC.

Opal is an open-source application and is available as a portable app for Windows. For the Linux computers they offer an app image. Since it is based on the Java programming languages, we can make it work on macOS too.

Opal has a very minimal and yet beautiful user interface. It lists all the sounds that are available in its main window under different categories such as Nature, Office and Other. Under the Nature category, we can find sounds like rain, wind, thunder, birds, river, fireplace, cave, frogs and zoo. Under the Office category, it has sounds of mechanical keyboard typing, telephone ringing, chatter, traffic, wall clock, fan, coffee machine etc. There are other sounds too like fantasy, static and zen.

Opal Relaxing Sounds Player

In order to play one or more sounds from this list, all we have to do is increase the volume of that particular sound by using the slider control. We can play multiple sounds at the same time. By picking a good combination of the sounds to play at the proper volumes, we can create a unique sound effect.

Once you have created a great sound combination for yourself, you can save it on your computer in form of a JSON file. Later, you can load the same sound and volume combination by using this preset JSON file.

You can download the relaxing sound player – Opal from https://codedead.com/software/opal.