Play Internet Radio Stations with Headset

Listening to radio stations when working at home or driving to work is a great way to save yourself from getting bored from the monotony of everyday life. Moreover radio stations can keep you entertained, informed and updated about the latest world events.

While using the good old trustworthy radio receiver set is ideal, not many people have them now-a-days. Many people just listen to online radio stations on their mobile phones or desktop computers. Headset is one of these all-in-one apps that can help you listen to hundreds of online radio stations. You can play music on this app as well.

Headset is a Windows application but it has been released for other platforms like macOS and many flavors of Linux too.  Headset has a unique user interface of its own. We can switch to various tabs for various sources of music. We can search for music from the “Search” tab.


We can look for radio stations from the “Radio” tab. All the radio stations are categorized based on their genre – Country, Rap, Ambient, Pop, techno and even music from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. These radio stations are created or catalogues by Reddit users. Under the “Collections” tab, you can bookmark your favorite music and online radio stations.

You will quickly notice in Headset that nothing works unless you register for a free Headset account and then login to this new account in the Headset application. Only now, you can search and listen to radio stations and music. If you do not make manual selections, it can scan Reddit for shared songs and starts to play them automatically one by one.


All-in-all, Headset is  a great music player and online radio station tuner. We can listen to non-stop music on this app everyday. We tested this app on Windows 11 and found no problems. We recommend this app to everyone who loves to listen to radio stations.

You can download Headset from