Personalize Windows 11 Lock Screen with City Art Search App

The first thing that you would see on a Windows 11 PC is the user login screen. But if you do not login to any of the user accounts, Windows waits for a few minutes and switches to the lock screen. The same lock screen is shown on your PC screen when you lock a Windows PC using the Start menu shortcuts or using the hotkey Win+L.

With the help of a Microsoft Store app called City Art Search you can personalize this lock screen on your Windows 11 PC. It fetches very beautiful background images for the lock screen and makes your computer’s lock screen look like a high-end art gallery.

The program can automatically change the background image after a set number of hours or minutes such as every hour or once a day. In the program, we can search for the popular paintings, sculptures and architectural wonders created by very famous artists. It has a database of thousands of photos and we get to see very stunning pictures of classic art from all over the world. In total, it has a 10,200 of very well known and highly acclaimed paintings.

City Art Search

The application makes it extremely easy to locate what we are interested in, as well as obtain the necessary information about works from famous artists. The program allows you to filter the database using many parameters such as: artist, country, art gallery or city. We can use the map to browse various art galleries in a city and choose the paintings from them.

After searching for a suitable work of art, we will get detailed information from Wikimedia. Users can also set up a slide show to conveniently search and admire works of art from around the world. The same program was available for Windows 10 for many years but now it has been updated for Windows 11.

You can get the City Art Search app from