Fully Uninstall Everything with Total Uninstall Essential

There are so many programs that we install on a Windows PC but we actually use only a tiny fraction of the installed programs. For example, I just checked my old Windows 10 PC and it has six web browsers installed of different types. But I do not really remember using anything other just one web browser.

If you also have programs installed on your PC but you seldom use them, then it is better to uninstall them for better performance of your system and the overall security. But uninstalling or removing programs is not always straightforward and easy. Some programs come with broken uninstallers and others leave many files behind even after their official uninstaller is used.

We can use a third-party program called Total Uninstall to remove all the programs – even the ones that have broken uninstallers. Total Uninstall, as the name of the program hints, is able to fully and completely remove a program including all the files that it copied, created and all the settings it saved in the Windows’ Registry.

In the Total Uninstall user interface, you can look at every little change that the computer undergoes during an installation – all the files copied, deleted and the changes made to the Registry. This ensures that the installed program is 100% completely removed from your PC. After uninstalling programs with the help of Total Uninstall, your PC basically goes back to the same state as it was before that program was installed.

Total Uninstall

Because Total Uninstall can monitor all the changes made during an installation and after the program has run, it can be used to identify unwanted programs. The tool takes a screenshot before and after the installation and then displays the changes if desired. Changes in the registry are also taken into account. In this way, you can identify any installed spyware, toolbars or advertising at an early stage and uninstall them immediately.

Other than removing an installed program from your PC, it also comes with other components like disabling Windows Apps, cleaning junk from your PC, managing auto-starting programs, and more. In the commercial version, it also supports moving of installed programs (along with all of its settings) to another Windows PC.

You can download Total Uninstall Essential from https://www.martau.com/.