QXmlEdit : View, Split, Compare and Anonymize XML Files

QXmlEdit is a fast and feature rich XML editor. It can be used to view XML files in their raw code format, edit existing XML files and compare XML and XSD files. It can also split large XML files into smaller fragments so that you can easily examine it. It is available for Windows and macOS.

QXmlEdit has a very useful privacy feature using which we can anonymize the data present inside an XML file. This feature removes the sensitive data from XML files so that nobody can access it. Only after removing this data, you should use them in development. We can choose a set of rules for removal of data and then use all of these rules to anonymize more files later.


QXmlEdit can split huge XML files in a matter of seconds. It splits the large XML files and saves the fragments into different folders. Later we can browse these folders and examine the smaller XML files using QXmlEdit itself. This makes it very convenient for the users to go through a large XML file without losing track of the data position.

QXmlEdit  has a very advanced XML comparison function. It can compare two XML files in great detail. The comparison results are shown in a visual manner with color codes indicating the differences. It compares entities, elements, attributes and so, on and shows the results in graphical format or get a list of differences.


Even though using QXmlEdit  is very easy, some beginners might want some extra help. The developers of QXmlEdit ave prepared tutorials for using every single feature of the program. All these tutorials can be found on QXmlEdit  website in the PDF file format. We can download these PDF files and print them using any kind of printer.

You can download QXmlEdit from http://qxmledit.org/.