Abricotine : Markdown Editor for Desktop PC

Abricotine is an open-source and free markdown editor for Windows, Linux and macOS. It packs all the features one would want from a markdown text editor. It is able to save the documents in HTML or Rich Text formats. We can easily use the HTML files generated by Abricotine on any website, blog or email messages.

It offers full support for the markdown syntax. When we are using markdown editors like Abricotine, we can focus on the writing and avoid the distractions caused by the formatting elements of a markup language like HTML. We can save the markdown code into plain-text files and they can be used to produce compatible HTML code anytime the user desires so.

This open-source markdown editor has a very modern and sleek user interface. There are no elements that could cause distraction while working on an article. It sports a plain and clutter free user interface. But this does not mean that it lacks features. All the features are available through the menubar easily.


Abricotine has an auto-preview feature that gives the user instant real-time preview of the document’s contents. We do not have to switch back and forth between markdown and its HTML preview again and again. The HTML output is always there for the user to see.

It comes with a standard spell checker which is very useful for the content writers who are going to use this markdown editor. The spell checker feature works both in the markdown code mode and the preview mode.

All-in-all, Abricotine is a very useful markdown text editor for writers. It can be switched to the full-screen mode and then it becomes 100% distraction free editor for the web writers and authors of web series or regular stories and novels. We can easily export the markdown documents into HTML format for using anywhere.

You can download Abricotine from https://abricotine.brrd.fr/ or from https://github.com/brrd/Abricotine.