Remove Programs from Windows with Uninstall Tool

If we open Windows settings and take a look at all the programs and apps installed on our Windows system, then we will find that many of them stay unused for months or have never been installed by us. The programs that have been installed but are rarely used should be removed for better performance of the system. Similarly, the programs or apps that have been installed without your consent should be instantly removed as we do not know why they were installed. For all of these uninstalling of programs and apps from Windows, we can use Uninstall Tool.

It is a fast and comprehensive uninstaller for Windows. It is able to trace the programs after the installation so that none of the file system changes are left behind after you uninstall that program. It also comes with many other useful features such as a tool to view auto-starting programs. For adding the ability to trace the installed programs, we have to install an extra tool during the installation called “Install and Trace service”.

Uninstall Tool

In the user interface of Uninstall Tool we can see all the installed apps, system apps, hidden apps, Windows store apps and more. By default, it shows installed apps on your system in the list. But we can switch to other categories (like system apps) using the tabs near the bottom of the window.

For all the entries in the list, we can see the program name, program size, the date on which it was installed and whether it is being traced by Uninstall Tool’s tracing service. We can right-click on any entry and choose to uninstall it, force uninstall it, remove the entry and more.

Uninstall Tool

If you want to trace an installed program (so that Uninstall Tool can record all the changes made by it), you have to install it using the “Install and trace” service which can be accessed from near the bottom edge of the window.

Uninstall Tool is available in a trial version that works for 30 days only. It is also available in the portable version which does not offer any trial version.

You can download Uninstall Tool from