PDFConcat : Join Many PDF Files into a Single PDF

For many reasons, we may want to join many smaller PDF files into a larger single PDF file. For example,  if we get daily reports about something in PDF file format, then we may soon end up with hundreds of PDF files. We can join all these daily PDF reports together to form a weekly or monthly report.

In order to join many PDF files together into a larger PDF file, we can use a freeware tool PDFConcat. It is a small and portable tool that can quickly join (concatenate) multiple PDF files together. The program has a very minimal user interface.

We can begin by clicking on the Add file(s) button to browse and add all the PDF files that you wish to join together. We can add any number of files in the list. There are buttons to move selected files up and down in the list. We can also press the Shift key to choose an entire folder containing several PDF files.


By changing the order of PDF files in the list, we also change the order in which they are going to be joined together. If there is some file that was added mistakenly, then we can use Remove selected file(s) button to remove that file from the list.

When you are ready, you can click on the Merge button and it will produce a large PDF file that contains all the smaller PDF files from the list in the correct order. This new PDF file is going to be compatible with all the PDF reader applications such as Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PDF Reader.


In the settings of the PDFConcat program, we can change the PDF version to be used for creating the large PDF file. We can choose the PDF version from 1.2 to 1.7. Similarly, we can choose the default layout of the PDF file that it produces.

You can download PDFConcat from https://jonaskohl.de/software/pdfconcat/.