Scan an Entire Network using MAC Address Scanner

Large networks of computers are a little bit difficult to manage. For example, it becomes easy to make sure that each and every single computer or device connected to a network is running and active. Fortunately, there are some tools that can help through this problem in more ways than one. MAC Address Scanner is one of such network tools. It is used by professional scanners who are maintaining very large networks.

MAC Address Scanner is a freeware tool to investigate and find useful information about all the computers or devices available over a network. It can scan the network using a single IP address or using a range of IP addresses. As anybody can guess, the time taken for scanning a single IP address is far much shorter than that taken for the entire network.

The user interface of MAC Address Scanner consists of a single window. We can choose “Single Host” if we want to scan only a single IP address. We can choose “Network” when we want to scan that entire network. If you choose the “Network” mode, then you will have to specify the IP address range that must be scanned. For example, we can add the network range from to

MAC Address Scanner

In order to start the actual scanning, we have to click on the Start Scan button. It goes through all the IP addresses and sends some data packets to each of the IP addresses. If it receives a response from that IP address, then it is labeled active or success.

For all the successful responses, it also find the MAC address used by that machine and the manufacturer of that device, computer or the network interface card. We can export the list of the results to an external TXT, CSV, XML, or HTML files if needed.

You can download MAC Address Scanner from