DoNotSpy11 : Enhance Privacy in Windows 11

Microsoft added some features in Windows 11 that serve to collect user data from individual computers. The collected data is sent over to the Microsoft servers for studying how the operating system is being used. This data is used basically for improving and adding new features in Windows 11.

But if you are concerned about how and which of the data is being collected by Microsoft when using Windows 11, then you should use an app like DoNotSpy11 which is able to disable many of the features that are responsible for user data collection. The same tool also works for Windows 10 computers.

DoNotSpy11 is a very small tool that allows you to quickly modify Windows 11 settings to enable to disable the features that affect user privacy. Using this small application, we are able to turn off tracking applications, postpone automatic updates, and disable downloading data for the Cortana assistant among many other things.


DoNotSpy11 has a single window user interface. As soon as it is launched, it displays many settings in form of a huge list. All of these settings are divided in many categories such as Advertising, Apps, Defender, Privacy, Search, Start, Updates, and Edge browser. We can enable or disable these settings by selecting the checkbox displayed against them. You can check all the settings by using the Check All button. After making the selections, you have to click on the Apply button to finalize the settings and save them.

It is recommended that you restart your Windows PC for the new settings to take effect. If you are worried about the settings making a mess of your system, you can create a system restore point from within the DoNotSpy11 application itself. It is an easy, fast and safe way to protect a user’s privacy when using a Windows 11 PC.

You can download DoNotSpy11 from