TClock : Customize Taskbar Clock on Windows

Before the operating system with GUI became a success, everyone used the command line systems like PC-DOS. For each and every task, there was a command. There was a command to find the date and another command to find the time for the system. When Windows was first released it showed the current system date and time right in the taskbar which made everything so convenient. That concept of displaying the system date and time to the very right of the taskbar on Windows has stayed the same all through these decades and even on Windows 11, we can see the date and time displayed using a tiny clock in the taskbar.

Now we can customize this tiny clock which is displayed in the taskbar using an open-source tool called T-Clock. It works on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. It comes in form of a ZIP archive and is a portable application. We can launch TClock on Windows by double-clicking on TClock-Win10.exe. Even though the executable is named for Windows 10, it also works on Windows 11.


As soon as we launch this application, it replaces the Windows Taskbar Clock with its own. In the beginning the application is launched with the Japanese interface language. We can right-click on its taskbar icon and change the language to English. Only Japanese and English are supported.

In the new clock we can see a lot more data than just the time. We can see the current time, current date, the CPU usage, the GPU usage, the volume level, the network interface currently active, the download/upload data transfer rates, and more. If you hover your mouse over any part of this new clock, you will be shown more information about your system including the time in other parts of the world.


In the settings for TClock, we can customize the look and feel, the color and the fonts, time format, hourly chiming, display graphs for system stats, display an analog clock, and more.

You can download TClock from