AKVIS Magnifier : AI Based Image Resizing for Windows

Sometimes we find images on our backup disks that are very low resolution and not large enough for big posters. For printing posters using these images we have to resize them first. But the traditional methods of resizing images have certain limitations – if you increase the image resolution beyond 3-4 times of the original size, it starts to show enlarged pixels along with artifacts which is not a good look. Images enlarged in this manner look like 8-bit images that were used in games a long time ago in the 1980s.

But now we have artificial intelligence (AI) based programs such as AKVIS Magnifier that can enlarge the images without losing the quality of the images. The AI takes care of the enlarging the resolution of the images without annoying side effects, noise, pixelated look and there are no artifacts formed.

AKVIS Magnifier

AKVIS Magnifier AI based tool is available in two versions – as a standalone program and as a plug-in for Photoshop. The program is available for free use in a 40 day trial. In the standalone version, we have to open an image and it will quickly apply the enlargement effects using the AI.

In the user interface of the AKVIS Magnifier, we have presets for resizing and increasing the image resolution. We can increase the image resolution to 800% of the original size. Once you are happy with the result, then you can save the modified and enlarged image to your local storage drive.

AKVIS Magnifier

AKVIS Magnifier also supports batch processing of the images so that you can enlarge the image resolution for hundreds of the images in just one click. In the batch processing feature, you have to specify the source folder, destination folder, whether to include the sub-folder, which image resolution enlargement preset is to be used, which image file format is to be used and more.

AKVIS Magnifier is not free but it allows you to experience AI based image enhancement in the trial version. It can also make use of the GPU power to make the whole process faster.

You can download AKVIS Magnifier from https://akvis.com/en/magnifier/index.php.