AML Pages : Feature Rich Note Organizer for Windows

AML Pages is a note taking application for Windows. It features a unique tree-structured interface. We can make notes and all of these separate notes appear at different tree view nodes so that we can quickly jump to them whenever needed.

AML Pages has an editor that looks somewhat like the old versions of Microsoft Word. The editor allows adding and editing notes with all kinds of elements and formatting – we can change the font appearance, add lists, hyperlinks, images, tables, attachments, and more. Because of its rich editor interface, we can add not only simple notes but also other kinds of information, webpages, passwords, screenshots, files, text snippets etc. It can even save a webpage or a portion of a webpage in form of notes.

While creating notes with AML Pages, we might store some sensitive information in the notes. You might not want to share this information with others. For this, AML Pages allows you to password protect individual nodes so that you can view the contents of those nodes only after supplying the correct password.

AML Pages

If you have been using other note taking applications like Evernote or to-do list makers like LeaderTask, then AML Pages can import data from them into AML Pages easily. There is native integration provided for these services and you have to enter your credentials only to fetch everything else. Similarly, it also supports cloud storage service Dropbox. With integration done with your Dropbox account, you can save your AML Pages notes over the cloud storage.

AML Pages can export the notes into various file formats such as CHM (Windows help format) and OPML (for mobile devices). We can print the notes off a connected printer. The application is also offered in a portable application format and does not consume too many of the system resources.

You can download AML Pages from