Auslogics Driver Updater : Update & Backup Device Drivers

Many people think that once they have installed device driver software for their computer, it is all done and there is no need for any updating. But they are wrong because by installing the updates to the device driver software, we can get new features introduced in the newer version, get smoother operating of the hardware and get all the known bugs fixed. The latest version of the device drivers are also considered great for the overall system stability and performance.

For updating your device drivers on your Windows PC, you can make use of Auslogics Driver Updater which is an advanced Windows application that scans the system for outdated old drivers and offers their updated versions if possible. In addition, it can also create a backup of your existing installed drivers so you can roll back the changes in case of emergency.

Auslogics Driver Updater

When launched Auslogics Driver Updater starts to scan your system. The scan connects to the cloud server for checking and finding the new versions of your installed drivers. When the search is over, a list with the drivers that need updating will be displayed. This list also contains the detailed information about a given device and  release date of the the latest drivers. From here, we can choose which of the drivers are to be updated.

Auslogics Driver Updater

It is possible to update just one or two individual drivers on the list. But you can also update all the drivers by selecting the “Update drivers” button. In addition to the manually launching and checking for any old drivers for which a new update is available, Auslogics Driver Updater also runs in the background to keep all drivers up-to-date. It shows a notification whenever it finds the new version of the driver software installed on your Windows PC.

You can download Auslogics Driver Updater from