Folder Size : Analyze Size and Contents of Folders

If your hard disk drive is getting filled up rapidly with files of all sorts, then you should check whether all the files being stored on your local storage drive are really worth keeping. For this, you have to either manually go through the folders on your hard disk drive, or you can use a folder analysis software called Folder Size.

Folder Size is a freeware application that allows you to conveniently analyze the size of all files and folders stored on your hard disk drive. The results of the analysis are presented both in textual and graphical formats. It is therefore very easy to find out which folder takes up the most space.

We can select any folder or drive to be analyzed. It also analyzes the sub-folders it can go recursively to any depth of the nested folders. For analysis of the entire disk drive, we have to run the application with administrator level access.

Folder Size

For relaunching with admin rights, it has a dedicate button in its toolbar.  It is also possible to examine a single folder to save time. There is also a tool to get rid of duplicate files or a report generator that saves them in a CSV or XML file.

It can display the contents of a folder or a drive (which is actually the root folder of a drive) in graphical manner too. It can create bar charts of pie charts of the selected folder. In the pie chart, the largest pie slice is taking the most of the space while the smallest pie slice is taking the least amount of space on your local storage drive. The bar chart similarly displays the bars of different sizes. You can export the charts to image files for using them in reports.

You can download Folder Size from