Find Local Temp with Thermometer For Room Temp App

This summer the temperature is soaring higher than ever before. Everyone is suffering from the heatwave. Before stepping out of the house, we want to check the outdoors temperature. And we also want to know the indoors temperature before spending an afternoon at home. The easiest way to find both the outside and inside temperature for your location is to use an app called Thermometer For Room Temp for Android devices.

The traditional apps for displaying the weather information and forecast display too much information which is both unnecessary and confusing for an ordinary user. What everyone wants to know is the current temperature for the location where you are currently standing. For this app, we can use the simple app called “Thermometer For Room Temp”

In this app, we are shown an old fashioned glass thermometer with mercury for measurement. This thermometer displays the current temperature in terms of Celsius and Fahrenheit. The app makes use of the various temperature sensors for finding this temperature – such as the CPU or the battery of the smartphone.

Thermometer For Room Temp

Some smartphones have an ambient temperatures which give a much more accurate temperature reading. But if your smartphone does not have the ambient temperature sensor then other temperature readings are not so accurate and are a little above the normal ambient value (because it uses CPU or battery temperature both of which are warm or hot).

The outdoors temperature reading requires GPS sensor to be turned on so that it can find your location accurately. For that location, it downloads the current weather data from the internet. This is why the outdoors temperature displayed is always very accurate. In addition, it also displays the actual feel-like temperature humidity, air pressure, wind speed, sunrise time and the sunset time for your location.

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