GOG Giveaway : Mystery Game VituaVerse

GOG is continuously giving away a game every few days and this is why you should keep on the lookout for these giveaways. If you are not paying attention during the summer sale event of GOG, then you might miss these sweet games being given away for free. At the moment, GOG is giving away another game called “VitualVerse”.

If you have ever watched the Matrix series of movies in which the whole world is being controlled by the machines but some rebels like Neo and Trinity have broken off the matrix and can see for the world as it look in real. The “VirtuaVerse” is very similar and the story is not much different either.

In “VirtuVerse”, AI has taken over and controls everything. The AI controls what appears through your eyes and what you feel. But our protagonist Nathan and his girlfriend Jay are the ones who do not comply and live off the grid. They make a living by selling forbidden hardware and software to the underground.


One day Nathan’s girlfriend goes missing but not before leaving a clue as to what has happened. Now it is up to Nathan how far he can go to save Jay. During his journey, he will meet very strange machines, go through the hardware junkyard of the world, and have to solve a ton of puzzles. Every step holds a surprise for you and at every turn is a trap waiting for you.

If you are an avid Matrix series of movies fan, then you are going to love this game for sure. The total download size for the game is less than 400 MB and it works on Windows, Linux and macOS.

You can claim the giveaway game VirtuaVerse by visiting its page on GOG and following the giveaway link at https://www.gog.com/en/game/virtuaverse.