How to Convert Music Playlist Formats Easily on Windows

A playlist is a special file that contains the list of music files. When we open this playlist in a media player such as VideoLAN VLC media player, XMPlay or Windows Media Player etc., the media player starts playing the music files in the playlist one by one. Usually the media files are played in a sequential order, but some media player applications have options to play them in random order or in the backward order and so on.

Media playlists can be in many different file formats such as WPL, PLS, M3U etc. If you have created playlist file in one format a long time ago and want to convert it into a different playlist format then you can easily do so using an open-source music player called Clementine. Here is how:

  1. First of all download and install Clementine on your computer. It can be downloaded from
  2. Launch Clementine music player. From the menubar, select Playlist and then Add File. Now you can select the playlist file that you want to convert and add it to the Clementine music player.Clementine Playlist Conversion
  3. Once the playlist has been added, you can once again select Playlist from the menubar and then select Save Playlist in order to save the open playlist in a different file format.
  4. In the file save dialog, you can choose the file format from M3U, M3U8, XSPF, PLS, ASX, CUE or WPL. The file format extension that you are going to choose will be used to create the new playlist.Clementine Playlist Conversion

So this is one of the easiest way to convert the music playlist file format from one type into another. The newly created playlist is universally acceptable and can be used with any music player application, device or platform. We tested it by using the newly created playlist in XMPlay and VLC Media Player.