LoveWindowsAgain : Fix All Windows 11 Problems

Windows 11 is getting popular day by day, but there are still many people who are not happy with some of the features that come enabled by default. While some of the Windows 11 features are very exciting and inviting, others make people furious and keep them away from this new version of Windows from Microsoft.

This is why an open-source developer known as builtbybel has created an application called LoveWindowsAgain. This application is going to fix all the problems that could be keeping you from switching over to Windows 11. The application is not just a privacy fixer for Windows 11, but it also fixes some other features and makes Windows 11 much more user friendly.

Upon launching LoveWindowsAgain, it welcomes the user and gives an option to analyze the system. During the scan, it finds all the problems that your Windows 11 system has. These problems could be with the privacy settings, with the look and feel of the system, with the basic operating system behavior and more. Some of the less used features such as XPS documents writer, fax printer, icons in the taskbar are also disabled.


We can also choose “Advanced mode” from the menu on the top-right corner. In this advanced mode, we can choose to fix or not-fix some of these problems. In the regular mode, all the problems are fixed for you. In order to fix the problems, we can click on the Fix button. It also creates a restore point so that you can rollback the changes made by it in case of any unexpected behavior.


The program focuses on solving problems with Windows 11 and is perfect for instant installation of popular programs using the Windows Package Manager. The installation of new software can be picked from under the “More tools” drop-down listbox.

You can download LoveWindowsAgain from