How to Fix “Runtime Error 216 at” Error on Windows 11

After installing a new program on Windows 11, when I tried to launch it, I was surprised to see an error message popup on the screen that read – “Runtime error 216 at 0000000040BE35”. I tried to run it many times but I always ended up with the same error message.

When I searched online, Microsoft’s website also mentioned the same error. According to them it is a malware infection and the malware is a variant of the SubSeven trojan. With this information, all I had to do was perform a malware scan using any good quality antivirus product.

Runtime Error 216

So here is how I fixed the error finally by using a portable antivirus solution:

  1. On the infected PC download Emsisoft Emergency Kit from
  2. Launch Emsisoft Emergency Kit, and choose to scan your entire PC (the second scan named malware scan). Runtime Error 216
  3. After a few minutes (depending on how many files are on your PC), Emsisoft Scanner will display all the the malware found on your system. Select all the malware found and then click on the Delete Selected button to get rid of all the malware related files.Runtime Error 216
  4. Restart your PC and when it has booted into Windows, you should install a full antivirus product such as Emsisoft Antimalware.

Emsisoft Antimalware is a full fledged security software for your PC that provides all around protection for the Windows computers. It provides real-time protection from ransomware, bots, backdoors, banking trojans and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs).

Unlike some other security software that use only one engine for all sort of scanning, Emsisoft Antimalware uses two engines for scanning. One of the engines is designed to look for the mainstream threats and the second engine looks for less harmful PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). A PUP is undesirable but it is not going to cause as much damage as a real malware.