F-Secure Strong Password Generator Makes Uncrackable Passwords

Not so long ago, the only thing between you and your online accounts of all sorts was a single password. While now we have many different layers of security such as 2FA and secure keys, we still use the passwords to log into many accounts online. This is why security experts never stop giving advice about the importance of having strong passwords. The passwords should be very long and should not contain any dictionary words.

If you cannot think of a strong password then you are not alone. Many of us have a hard time coming up with a strong password containing all the alphanumeric characters and having a length of 16 or more. This is where F-Secure Strong Password Generator can help you. It is an online app for creating very very strong passwords.

We can use it from any device and any platform. All we need is a decent web browser and we are all set. As we open the F-Secure Strong Password Generator link in the web browser, we are given a randomly generated password of length 32 characters. But we can change the password length, choose the character sets to be used from lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numerals and special characters.

F-Secure Strong Password Generator

The generated password is tested for its strength and it displays how strong the password actually is – weak medium strong or super strong. We can copy the generated password to the clipboard for our use.

Compared to the popular Norton Online Password Generator, which also works as a web app, it creates very strong but difficult to memorize passwords. Norton’s tool creates strong passwords with a special way of arranging the characters that makes them easy to memorize after some times of repeated use.

All-in-all, F-Secure Strong Password Generator is a very useful and handy web tool for all of us. Whenever we come across an account creation page and cannot think of a really good password, we can always ask F-Secure.

You can start creating SUPER STRONG passwords by visiting https://www.f-secure.com/en/home/free-tools/password-generator.