Microsoft Internet Explorer Discontinued : What to do?

Microsoft has finally discontinued their most popular web browser “Internet Explorer”. According to the official sources from Microsoft, the Windows users will now be presented with the new Edge web browser that is built using the Chromium project base.

Microsoft Internet Explorer peaked at its popularity in early 2000’s when Firefox, Opera and other web browsers were in their infancy. Later the other web browsers took over the battlefield because of new features, smoother interfaces and faster internet access. Now Google Chrome is the most popular web browser.

So what should the Windows users do if they want to use Internet Explorer for some particular website? Fortunately, Microsoft developers have already thought of the situation and they have provided something called Internet Explorer mode in the new Edge browser (Chromium based). Here is how you can use the Internet Explorer mode in the Edge (Chromium based) browser:

  1. Launch Edge web browser from its desktop shortcut.
  2. Click on the menu icon (hamburger icon) near the top-right corner and then choose Settings.
  3. In the settings, select Default web browser section from the left side list.Enable Internet Explorer Mode
  4. From under the Internet Explorer Compatibility, we have to choose Allow sites to be reloaded in the Internet Explorer mode and set it to Allow.
  5. Restart Edge web browser so that the new settings can be applied.

While this mode does not necessarily use the Internet Explorer mode for any website you wish, it opens the websites which are having problem with newer web browsers in the Internet Explorer mode. This way we do not encounter any problems for the websites that have not been updated in last 10 or more years.

With these settings applied, Edge will try to open the incompatible sites using the new Edge (Chromium) web rendering engine. But if it fails to do so, then it will switch to the old Internet Explorer mode and allow the older sites to use this mode automatically.