A1RunGuard : Prevents Unwanted Programs from Running

Sometimes we come across unknown programs through email attachments and other online sources. These programs might not be identified as malicious but can still cause harm to your PC as they run with the highest privileges for a user. With the help of A1RunGuard, we can block these unwanted programs from running on a Windows PC.

Not only it blocks unwanted programs, but it can also password protect selected files so that they can be accessed only after supplying the master password. Furthermore, A1RunGuard also provides protection against ransomware.

A1RunGuard is just like a firewall software but it protects your Windows computer against unwanted and harmful applications. Users can easily and securely block access to a selected application with a password, monitor legitimate processes used by ransomware, and prevent ransomware attacks by automatic process shutdown and threat notification.


When an unwanted application is blocked, it displays a notification in the system tray of the Windows desktop. Similarly, when it asks your permission to allow or disallow a newly discovered application, then you see the confirmation dialog window in the notification area as well.

A1RunGuard does not use up too much of your valuable system resources because it does install a real-time system monitor for all the file system activities like some antivirus programs do. Neither does it install any system level drivers, nor does it modify any system settings for the computer. In addition, it is compatible with all known anti-virus programs and can be used as an extra layer of protection.


A1RunGuard is available in two editions – free and paid. The free version of A1RunGuard is a complete process protection tool in itself. It can block processes, password protect applications, keep a log of all the events, and detect ransomware before it can cause any harm.

You can download A1RunGuard from https://greatis.com/a1runguard/.