Monitor Bluetooth Devices Around You with BluetoothView

BluetoothView is a small portable tool for displaying the details about all the Bluetooth devices available around you. Depending on the Bluetooth devices and the adapter used in your computer, the BluetoothView application can display you information about the Bluetooth devices available in the vicinity of 10-20 meters. This includes all the audio devices, input devices and more.

The BluetoothView application is a portable program and works out of the box. Before you launch this application, you have to ensure that your Bluetooth adapter in your Windows PC has been turned on. On Windows 11 or 10, we can do this by launching the Windows settings (using the Win+I hotkey), selecting the Bluetooth & other devices and then turning on Bluetooth. Only after this, you should run this application.

As this application runs, you have to wait for a few seconds before it does a total sweep of your region and detects all the available devices. For each of the devices, it displays the device name, address, descriptions, major device type, minor device type, detection count, detection time, whether it is paired or connected and more.


We can right-click on any of the devices listed in the BluetoothView application to attempt connecting to that device. We can also export the list to a file which can be TXT, CSV, HTML, or XML file types. We can also change the update rates of the device detection from low, medium and high.

When I used it in my room, I found out many TV with their Bluetooth sound bars which is very surprising. This application can be used to find out all the new interesting Bluetooth devices that your neighbors have been buying. We can also use this to check all the Bluetooth devices available in our home. If some of these devices should be turned off then we can check the list and turn them off. Similarly, if we want to turn on Bluetooth on some devices, then we can find the missing devices and turn on their Bluetooth adapter.

You can download BluetoothView from