How to Create IMG Drive Image File on Windows

While working with VirtualBox and VMWare Player for installing some of the older operating systems, I encountered a problem of creating a drive image file with IMG extension type. It is easy to create an ISO image file, but IMG is not easy and there aren’t many tools for creating such a file.

Fortunately, there is a freeware tool called ImgBurn that is used to create ISO image files, burn ISO to a blank CD or DVD and also to create IMG drive image file type. Here is how we can create a drive/disk image file with the IMG file extension:

  1. First of all download ImgBurn from and install it on your Windows PC.
  2. In the user interface of ImgBurn, select Create image file from disc or Create image file from files/folders depending on the source of files.Create IMG Disk Image on Windows
  3. On the next screen, you have to first add the files from somewhere on your computer. These files will be stored in the disk image file we are creating.
  4. For the destination, we click on the browse icon and when selecting a destination image file, choose the IMG file type in the save file dialog.Create IMG Disk Image on Windows
  5. Finally, we click on the large icon to create the disk image file. Depending on the number of the files selected, it may take a small or large time to create the image file.

When the ImgBurn completes creating the IMG disk image, it is going to play the sound to indicate it. Now you can load the IMG file in any of your virtual machines and it should be recognized easily. However the IMG disk image files created in this manner are not really recognized in some of the operating systems such as older versions of Mac OS IX, Mac OS  VIII, Windows Me or Windows XP.