Amplion : Simulate Loudspeaker Performance on Windows

If you are a hobbyist audiophile and often have to ponder about which loudspeaker you should use in a certain project, then Amplion could be a life saver for you. This freeware program can simulate and show you how a certain loudspeaker model is going to deliver under which input conditions. It supports many advanced concepts related to the design of loudspeakers.

Amplion is a portable program for Windows and it comes with a large list of loudspeaker models. We can begin by choosing a loudspeaker model that we own. If we have a loudspeaker model that is not listed in the Amplion list, then we can pick the closest model and change its dimensions slightly to match with those that our loudspeaker has.

After a selection has been made, you can try switch to the advanced tan and change all the parameters about which you want information. We can select from effective surface are of the diaphragm, TS parameter, shift of resonance frequency, added resistance to voice coil (VC) to the speaker cone, VC resistance variation with temperature. Similarly, we can change the parameters for enclosure resistance, golden ratio, crossovers, air coil, near field, far field, percentage decibels, internal resistance and more.


Under the enclosure tab, we can decide the type of enclosure used, enclosure parameters, electrical connection type, audio cable gain and more. The application will display the response charts for the loudspeaker – how many decibel of the audio output we receive at what frequency of the input signal.

The Amplion application is designed by a developer who understands how a modern loudspeaker is designed and how it works. It is not for everybody but is meant only for the technicians who have the in-depth knowledge of loudspeakers, their design, their performance and more.

You can download Amplion from