Display Changer : CLI Tool to Change Screen Resolution

The older programs from 90’s were designed to be run on smaller screen resolutions. On the other hand, newer programs are being designed to run on very large screen resolutions. If your notebook computer has a standard 15.6 inch screen and 1366 x 768 screen resolution, then you face the problem of incompatible screen resolution from both the older and the latest programs.

One way to quickly run a program without manually changing the screen resolution to satisfy its requirements is by using the command line application called Display Changer. It has many advanced features and can be used to change the screen resolution, run a program after the screen resolution has been changed and restore the screen resolution back to the original once that program has been closed.

Display Changer

The Display Changer package comes with two programs – dc.exe and dccmd.exe. The first program is a Windows binary and can be used in scripts when you do not want to display the command prompt window flash. The second program is actually the command line interface program which is ideal for batch scripts. Other than this minor difference, both of them do exactly the same thing and have identical command line parameters.

The program can change the width, height, color depth and the screen refresh frequency. For example, if you want to change the screen resolution to 800×600 pixels, have color depth of 16 and screen frequency of 56Hz then you can give the following command:

dccmd.exe -width=800 -height=600 -color=16 -refresh=56

Display Changer

In case you want to return the screen resolution back to the maximum possible values (which are the usually the default values), you can use max for all the values. Furthermore, the Display Changer can also rotate the screen to  90°, 180°, 270° or 360° but this feature is available only on Windows XP and above.

You can download Display Changer tool from http://12noon.com/?page_id=80.