Calendarscope : Full-Featured Calendar Software for Windows

For management, planning and scheduling of various events, anniversaries, meetings, birthdays, parties and vacations, we need a good calendar software. A lightweight software called Calendarscope fulfills all these requirements. Using this small tool, we can quickly plan our trips, birthdays, parties and important events.

Calendarscope is less than 10 MB in size but can compete with any of the other popular calendar software. It comes with a very clear and transparent user interface that allows the user to filter information. It allows you to view all your events in a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly overview. These views can be selected from the toolbar easily.

In order to add a new event, we can right-click and add that event. In the process we have to provide all the basic information such as the subject of the event, location and the type of the event (such as birthday). We can also supply the time or date at which this event will occur. We can also add a reminder for that event and also how often that reminder should be displayed.


It comes with a built-in search engine using which we can search for all the events, reminders and other special days added by the user. This calendar can display all the appointments and other events broken down into various categories such as business, gifts, holidays, ideas, miscellaneous, personal, phone numbers and waiting. This way we can quickly search and find for the events and modify their settings whenever needed.

For the reminder, we can choose both the audio and visual alarms. We can also allow reminders to have snooze function. When these reminders appear on your screen, you can dismiss them, snooze them or hit the complete event to settle that reminder.

Calendarscope is not free but offers the user to try all its features for a few days.

You can download Calendarscope from