CleanSweep : Open-Source Junk Files Cleaner for Windows

After regular use of a Windows PC, it is liable to get a few junk files on the storage media. These junk files are a result of various programs creating files and then leaving them behind. Sometimes a program generates logs of various actions but the log files keep increasing in size without being relevant anymore. In addition, the web browsers also store many files when we visit various websites. All these files are not really needed and can be removed without impacting the system performance in any negative manner.

For cleaning the junk files, we can use an open-source software called CleanSweep. It is a small portable tool to remove temporary files from your computer. It can easily remove junk files that take up too much storage space. When the junk files have become very large in size, cleaning them with CleanSweep can make your system work a bit faster as the storage media will have more free space.


In addition to the temporary files, it can remove temporary setup files, temporary Internet files, Event Viewer logs, Recycle Bin, Chrome web browser cache, Windows File Explorer thumbnails cache, user file history snapshots, Windows “.old” folders, Windows Defender logs, Microsoft Office cache, Microsoft Edge cache, Windows Installer cache, Windows Automatic Update logs, Windows Error reports, Windows Delivery optimization and more.

In the user interface of CleanSweep, we can place checkmarks in the various checkboxes related to various cleaning options. After this all we have to do is click on the Sweep It! button. As it cleans the system, you can see the log in the CleanSweep window.

It does not have as many options as BleachBit or CCleaner, but it does the job as expected. We can use both BleachBit and CleanSweep together to get rid of all the junk files and obsolete entries from a Windows PC.

You can download CleanSweep from