Qsel – Quick Programs Launcher for Windows

With the Start menu changing all the time, Windows users are looking for something that stays the same for a couple of years at least. This is why app launchers have suddenly gained so much popularity. App launchers do what the classic Start menu has been doing for decades – they provide links and shortcuts to various programs and websites. Through an app launcher such as Qsel we can launch most frequently used programs in just one click.

Qsel is an app launcher for Windows. It is available for free and provides a unique tray like user interface. In this tray we can switch between different categories which are defined by the user. Under each of these categories we can put several shortcuts to games, programs, apps and websites.

Qsel is available in both an installer format as well as in form of  a portable application. In the latter case, we can just extract it to a folder and launch Qsel.exe from there. Separate packages are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Qsel.


When we first launch Qsel, there are no entries made in this launcher and therefore it shows a configuration window. In this window we can choose the category, shortcut item name, description and the command among other things. The new shortcut is added to the selected category. We can create any number of categories based on our own personal needs.

Once even a single item has been added, it launches into the tray mode. In the tray interface, we can switch between various categories to reveal the shortcuts and links belonging to those categories. We can right-click on this tray window to access the configuration and settings for Qsel. In the settings for Qsel, we can make it auto-start with windows and assign a hotkey to make the Qsel window appear on the screen.


All things considered Qsel is a very well designed app launcher. It is portable and can be carried around on a USB pen drive. It does not consume any noticeable amount of system resources.

You can download Qsel from https://www.horstmuc.de/wqsel.htm.